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Bridge Tokens

If you want to trade BSX, or provide liquidity for some of the Basilisk XYK pools, you may want to bridge tokens into the Basilisk chain, or out of it. You can do so using XCM - Kusama’s cross-messaging protocol.

Currently, the following tokens are supported by Basilisk for XCM transfers:

  • BSX
  • aUSD
  • KSM

To perform XCM transfers for one of the assets listed above, you can use Karura’s Bridge.

Using Karura Bridge

Step 1: Navigate to the Karura Bridge Page

Step 2: Connect to Your Account

Click on Connect Account (1 in image above) and connect to your Dotsama wallet.

If you still do not have a BSX account, please follow this guide to create one.

Step 3: Bridge Tokens

  • Select the Origin Chain (2) you want to bridge tokens from, as well as the Destination Chain (2) which will be receiving the tokens.
  • Select the token you would like to bridge (3), and enter the amount.
  • Click Transfer (4) and sign the transaction using your Kusama wallet app.

Alice wants to bridge KSM from Kusama to the Basilisk chain. To do so, Alice will select:
* Origin Chain: Kusama
* Destination Chain: Basilisk
* Token: KSM

Bob wants to bridge BSX from Basilisk to Karura. To do so, Bob will select:
* Origin Chain: Basilisk
* Destination Chain: Karura
* Token: BSX

Congratulations! You have just used the Karura Bridge to bridge tokens to Basilisk.