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Contribute to Snek

Rewarding Contributions to the Basilisk Protocol

Basilisk welcomes various contributions which are in the interest of the Protocol. Such activities are incentivized with the help of rewards from the Basilisk Treasury.

The present document sets out the general framework for rewarding community contributions. The framework will be subjected to a general vote in an upcoming referendum at which BSX hodlers will give their formal approval (or disapproval). This approval will legitimize all payouts in the mentioned categories and make their processing faster.

Please note in advance that the payout of all bounties and tips mentioned in this document is subject to the full discretion of the Basilisk Council. If you are in doubt whether your effort entitles you to a bounty, please reach out in advance. You can ask questions in #bounties of Basilisk Discord.

Bug Bounties

Basilisk runs a Bug Bounty program on ImmuneFi. Bugs and vulnerabilities are classified into three to four categories of severity which determine the maximum size of the bounty:


Critical: $20,000 to $222,222
High: $5,000 to $20,000
Medium: $5,000
Low: $1,000

Websites & Apps

Critical: $5000 to $20,000
High: $5,000
Medium: $1,000


  • In order to be granted a bounty, bug reports must be made in accordance with the procedure for responsible disclosure and any other guideline posted on the Basilisk Immunifi page.
  • Bounties for critical Blockchain vulnerabilities are capped at 10% of the potential economic damage.
  • The actual size of the rewarded bounties is the discretion of the team.
  • Bounties are paid by the treasury in BSX using the 7d MA USD price from Kraken.

Development Bounties

The Basilisk team will be launching a dashboard with development bounties in an effort to decentralize technical work on the protocol. The dashboard will present the latest bounties together with a description, technical specification and size of the bounty.

The present framework authorizes the Basilisk Council to approve development bounties of up to $22,222 which will be paid by the Treasury in BSX using the 7d MA USD price from Kraken. Bounties exceeding this amount still need to undergo the governance process.

Community Management

Efforts spent on Community Management can be rewarded from the Basilisk treasury in BSX at a rate of $20 per hour (using the 7d MA USD price from Kraken).

New community managers are subject to prior approval by the team.

Here are some of the expectations attached to these roles:

  • Moderate on both Telegram and Discord;
  • Be an ambassador for the project;
  • Show activity on socials;
  • Participate in bi-weekly calls with other community managers;
  • Coordinate translations
  • Ideally already an active member of the Snek community.


Work on translations can be rewarded from the Basilisk treasury in BSX at a rate of $20 per hour (using the 7d MA USD price from Kraken). Currently, Basilisk welcomes translations in the following languages (this list can be extended via a referendum):

  • Mandarin
  • Spanish
  • Russian

New translators are subject to prior approval by the team.

Other Community Contributions

Are you looking to contribute with an effort which does not fall into the overview below? You can still reach out, the Council will be prepared to consider your case.

This spending framework authorizes the Basilisk Council to provide tips up to the value of $22,222 (using the 7d MA USD price from Kraken).

Here are some examples of contributions that could be rewarded:

  • Provisioning decentralized infrastructure;
  • Advancing integrations which which contribute to the Protocol or the community;
  • Creating good educational content such as guides, explanative blogs or videos;
  • Memes (!!), Emojis, merch and stickers.