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The native BSX token has a max supply of 100,000,000,000 BSX.

The tokens will be distributed as follows (cumulative % of max supply):

  • 15% - Basilisk Crowdloan
  • 5.63% - BSX LBP Participants
  • 4.37% - HDX LBP Participants
  • 15% - Intergalactic (founding team)
  • 9% - Treasury
  • 38% - Liquidity Mining
  • 12% - Collators
  • 1% - Airdrop to active KSM wallets

The BSX allocations are subject to a vesting period as exemplified in the following distribution graphic:



  • The distribution of all tokens will begin after the BSX LBP event has concluded. The BSX LBP event will take place approximately 2-4 weeks after Basilisk has secured its first parachain slot.
  • The exact start date of the rewards for collators and liquidity miners is currently unknown. This should take place within several weeks after conclusion of the BSX LBP event.